Azadi March: Road to internal chaos


Dr Muhammad Khan

After a prolonged struggle, the armed
forces of Pakistan have won a dreadful war
against a clandestine and unstipulated enemy in last one decade. Internationally, this war was named as global war on (against) terror, named by United States after the unfortunate incident of 9/11. The incident took place in United States, conducted by clandestine Arab nationals with cryptic planners and Afghan soil was selected for the retribution while threatening Pakistan of dire consequences, in the event of its non-cooperation.
The planners of this war had foresightedly and discreetly chosen the target, since Afghanistan was already ruined, sequel to Soviet invasion and non-stop civil war among various Afghan factions. It was the national strength, the element of being resilient and above all, the will to survive with dignity which enables the Pakistani nation to stand behind its valiant armed forces during the entire period of combating the terrorists of all kind. These terrorists were very well trained with sophisticated war munitions and above all having an unremitting and solid logistic tail, cannot be managed by non-state actors.
Allah Almighty enabled its armed forces to defeat all the strategies of its enemies, which they had skilfully planned to ruin it like Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. There also existed a class of ill-conceived domestic sympathizers of these terrorists, who declared military operations against terrorism as ‘Haram’. Nevertheless, Pakistan nation as a whole stood with armed forces and defeated the terrorists and terrorism. Armed forces also defeated the internal and external supporters of the terrorists; the abetters, financers and planners of the terrorism in Pakistan.
The elimination of terrorism and terrorists from the soil of Pakistan as a result of successive military operations sent shock waves to those who planned to destroy Pakistan through militancy and terrorism. The planner of this war felt disgraced defeated and indeed found their strategies inferior infront of the superior counter strategies of Pakistani armed forces. In a way, these forces felt that externally imposed agenda of terrorism and militancy even in the garb of religion has failed to bring the desired result of destroying Pakistan.
The planners of this evil game are now trying the alternative strategy. The dynamics of this strategy include harnessing the religio-political forces for; creating chaos, political instability, ceasing economic activities, creating unemployment for mobilizing the masses and ultimately paving way for a civil war like situation in the country. Apparently, this all is being planned to forced-out the incumbent Government of PTI under Prime Minister Imran Khan. But, in reality it is a covet strategy, a conspiracy indeed for the ultimate chaos and devastation in Pakistan.
The results which the foes of Pakistan could not accomplish by waging a war through terrorism and militancy are intended now through political chaos, blockade of Parliament and Government functionaries and stoppage of economic activities throughout the country. This will be an unfair act with the state, masses and above all the international repute of Pakistan. If such a blunder was committed earlier, should there repetition? The civilized societies and political forces learn from the past mistakes by taking corrective measures.
Protest is the basic right of everyone, if there have been injustices and victimisation by the Government. However, for the political forces, Parliament is legal Rendezvous (venue) for the protests, registration and communication of grievances, if there are any. Long marches, blockade, stoppage of economic activities and ultimately damaging the public property is a politics of insane people. By doing so, no one would serve the cause of Pakistan; rather this will serve the cause of those planning to desterilize Pakistan.
The so-called Azadi March, planned by Maulana Fazlur Rehman and his religio-political party, the Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam is indeed a Road to Chaos and Devastation for the state and society of Pakistan. It is unfortunate that, the main stream political parties have decided to follow the Moulana in this unjustified road to chaos in Pakistan. Foresight, maturity and political vision could have guided these political parties, not to follow those who opposed the very creation of Pakistan. Demonstration of JUI (F) Malatia parade in Peshawar with march pass and salute to Moulana was depiction of a state within state.
At the most trying time of its history, Pakistan cannot afford such Azadi March with international agenda covertly embedded into it. The political forces of Pakistan must debate the issues, facing the state and society of Pakistan within Parliament. Any extra-constitutional act would destabilize Pakistan internally, creating division among the society, which would be counterproductive for all political forces including JUI (F). Besides, it will provide an opportunity to the enemies of Pakistan to negatively projecting this God Gifted state.
Therefore, let’s devise policies for promoting good governance, unity, harmony and social and political cohesion among masses which will project Pakistan positively at international level and parliament is the right place for all this.
— The writer is Professor of Politics and International Relations at International Islamic University, Islamabad.