Ayubia’s chairlift lying non-functional


Tourists now avoid visiting Ayubia, the most famous tourist place in Galyat, for the chairlift there has been lying closed for around last 10 months. It is learnt that the incompetence of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government and Galyat Development Authority (GDA) has caused Ayubia, the most famous tourist spot of Galyat, to be deserted by tourists.

There are no people to be found in Ayubia Bazaar, for the people visiting the northern areas of Pakistan have stopped staying in the beautiful area. The main reason behind the people’s disinterest in the area is the chairlift that has been lying non-functional for the last 10 months. The closure of the chairlift has caused thousands of families, whose livelihoods are linked to tourism, to starve.—INP