Fresh polls, not ‘grand dialogue’, a remedy to country’s problems: Farrukh


Reacting to the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s call for a ‘grand dialogue’, Pakistan Tehreeek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Secretary Information Farrukh Habib made it clear that the fresh, fair and transparent elections was the sole panacea of all problems currently facing the country. Farrukh Habib on Sunday said that Sharif and Zardari families ruled the country thrice and brought the country to the brink of economic collapse by laundering the national wealth abroad.

He raised a question as to how the Prime Minister spoke of ‘grand dialogue’ when he and his family were mainly responsible for the myriad problems being faced by the country, who looted the country mercilessly to build huge properties abroad.

Farrukh said that during Corona epidemic world economies shrunk drastically but Pakistan’s economy was growing at a 6% rate due to the PTI government’s prudent and well-conceived strategy under the leadership of Imran Khan. In addition, he said that Imran Khan started several public welfare projects and people benefited a lot from them.

However, PTI Central Secretary Information said that everything was moving smoothly and in the right direction, but as soon as the imported government was imposed, the ‘economic bomb’ was dropped on the people, making their life miserable.

Farrukh stated that the imported government destroyed the country economically in less than two months’ time and the gravity of the situation could be judged from the fact that power and gas prices were jacked up over 45% coupled with the sharp depreciation of rupees and crushing of the stock market.

PTI Central Secretary Information said that the crime minister should instantly acknowledge the economic catastrophe and announced a date for general elections, which was the sole cure to the chronic problems presently facing the country due to the imported government imposed on the nation through external conspiracy.

Farrukh said that the puppet prime minister should shun the mantra of ‘Grand Dialogue’, who removed Dr. Rizwan and Sikandar Zulqarnain like honest officers from NAB and FIA, making these institutions guardians of thieves, which was also part of the disgusting agenda.

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