AVLC arrested 4,211 vehicle lifters from 212 gangs in 2022: Police



The Anti Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) has arrested at least 4,211 vehicle lifters from over 212 different gangs in Karachi, Superintendent of Police (SP) Tariq Nawaz told the press on Thursday.

At least 24 alleged vehicle thieves were arrested after being injured in 19 police encounters, while five were reported dead in the encounters.

The SP told that the AVLC recovered 3015 stolen motorbikes and 462 cars in the nine months of 2022. However, the crime rate has come down after the arrest of over 4000 street criminals, he claimed.

He added that multiple new and existing gangs are stealing vehicles in Karachi. The police are trying their best to identify and arrest the gangs, Taqir added.

The SP said that most bike thieves are local groups and drug addicts, while car lifting gangs are mostly operated from other parts of the country. Cars stolen from Karachi are sold in Balochistan and other provinces, he added.

The AVLC on September 23, 2022, busted an inter-provincial gang involved in stealing and snatching motorbikes from different areas of Karachi and selling them in Balochistan.

The stolen and snatched motorbikes were being sold in Sakran, Balochistan, the SSP said and added several stolen motorcycles have been recovered from their possession.

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