Attique for presidential system in Pakistan


Says current econo- political situation grave national crisis’

Hameed Shaheen Alvi

Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan newly elected President of All J&K Muslim Conference terming current econo-political situation in the country as graver national crisis has called for enforcement of presidential form of governance in Pakistan, warning that ideological integrity of Kashmir with Pakistan is being weakened deliberately.

In his maiden address after becoming party President to a combined gathering of party cadre and members of general public on Sunday at mazar of late Kashmiri leader Ch Ghulam Abbas on occasion of latter’s 55th anniversary Sardar Attique Khan regretted Pakistan’s political leadership is incapable of discharging its national onus. The situation deepens from crisis to crisis day by day he added and warned Kashmir’s ideological integrity with Pakistan is being scuttled deliberately. “Azad Kashmir is ideological and defense base of Pakistan and any attempt to weaken the ideology of accession of J&K to Pakistan can be disastrous. We have to rebuild Kashmir’s geographic and ideological bonds with Pakistan vigorously. Muslim Conference is bound to emerge powerful parliamentary party once again. We don’t hanker after mere power as our mission is grander than grabbing simple chair of governance”, he cautioned. Earlier he took oath of his office as 42nd party president. National anthem of Pakistan and of Azad Kas hmir were played besides hoisting national flag of Pakistan and AJK. Declaring that his energies would be devoted to the completion of grand mission of the later leaders Quaid-e-Millat Ch Ghulam Abbas and Mujahid Awwal Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan taking party workers and office bearers with him he pointed out that surmounting current national crisis cannot be the responsibility of any single person but that was a joint national obligation needing to be shared with the people of Kashmir. “Everyone should learn strong lesson from the situation that caused collapse of former East Pakistan”, he warned.