LDA master plan to ensure all urban facilities


Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Director General Aamir Ahmed Khan has said that Master Plan 2050 will determine the bright future of Lahore Division for the next three decades.

He said that all stakeholders will be bound to comply with Master Plan 2050. He expressed that many other facilities including road networks, other infrastructures, agriculture, economic and residential activities, transportation, green areas, education and health have been determined in the master plan. This master plan will be especially useful for all kinds of urban and rural facilities including environmental protection.

He was speaking at the ‘public hearing’ organised by the LDA and Environment Department on the environment of Master Plan 2050. In the public hearing, the director of the environment department, national and international consultants, developers, engineers, stakeholders and ordinary citizens participated in large numbers.

In the public hearing, well-known architect Kamil Khan Mumtaz, Chief Metropolitan Planner Syed Nadeem Akhtar Zaidi and Chief Town Planner LDA Shakeel Anjum Minhas gave a briefing on the master plan.

On this occasion, Director General Aamir Ahmad Khan said that in the preparation of Master Plan 2050, the services of national and international consultants, engineers have been obtained and the suggestions of common citizens have also been welcomed.

He said that under the Master Plan 2050, special measures have been taken to preserve the historical heritage. Solid waste management is a big problem, special attention has been given for its disposal in the master plan. He said that under the master plan, small and big cities will be connected through the Ring Road project.

Measures are also being taken to treat waste water, conserve rainwater, eliminate pollution and smog. He said that the master plan will play a key role in the elimination of pollution along with the importance of all urban facilities.

In the public hearing, the DG and other officers and consultants also answered the questions of the citizens regarding the master plan. Citizen Abdul Rahim asked that health problems are arising from Hudiara drain and LDA should pay attention to this issue.

The DG said that special attention is being given to Hudiara drain. It will be covered and three wastewater treatment plants will be installed. Muhammad Waqar, a citizen from Sheikhupura, said that there are immense urban problems in Sheikhupura district, LDA should also take steps to solve them.

The DG responded that an integrated strategy has been made regarding industrial, residential areas and agricultural lands in Sheikhupura and vigorous steps are being taken to block illegal residential schemes.

He said that by constructing a multi-level flyover at Shahdara Mor, the problems faced by the traffic coming and going to Sheikhupura and Lahore will be solved.