Armenia an aggressor


OF late situation has once again got tense in South Caucasus due to the provocations of Armenia. While it has been consistent effort of Azerbaijan’s successive leaders and people to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict through diplomacy and dialogue, the other side regrettably has only upped the ante through use of force to maintain unacceptable and unsustainable status quo.
In the latest despicable and condemnable incident a few days back, the Armenian armed forces targeted a village in Tovuz district of Azerbaijan and its civilian population by using heavy weaponry. As a result of the attack, several servicemen of Azerbaijan army and civilians were killed and injured. Armenia’s direct and deliberate attacks against Azerbaijani civilian population and civilian targets constitute a serious violation of international humanitarian and human rights law. Given the strong and unique historical, religious and political nature of Pak-Azerbaijan relations, attack by Armenian forces perturbed and angered every common Pakistani. Our Foreign Office was also quick to denounce the attack and reiterated its support to sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In our view, the attack on Tovuz District, a continuation of recent statements of Armenian leadership to increase tensions in the region, was aimed at distracting international community and hampering the ongoing negotiation process for peaceful resolution of Nagorno Karabakh conflict.
International community recognises this region as part of Azerbaijan and there are several UN Security Council resolutions confirming it an integral part of Azerbaijan and demanding immediate, full and unconditional withdrawal of forces from the occupied territories. Just like India, Armenia has also never respected the UN resolutions and always acted in a hostile manner and pursued the course of illegally changing demographic, cultural and physical character of the occupied territories. Though Azerbaijan has always acted in most responsible and matured manner yet continued occupation of Azerbaijani territories is a serious threat to peace and stability in South Caucasus as well as a source of destabilisation for the region in future. It is now time for the United Nations to prove its relevance and fulfil its obligations towards resolution of the conflict. Important capitals have also a responsibility to use their influence on Armenia and stop it from further provocations besides wooing it to sit with Azerbaijan for resolution of the dispute through peaceful means.
As regards Pakistan and its people, they fully stand by Azerbaijan and will continue to support its just and principled position on the matter. It is also for both the countries to enhance their collaboration at all international forums to expose wicked and fanatic face of both Armenia and India.

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