Armed forces take major decisions for economic stability


The Armed Forces of Pakistan have once again taken a big decision in the interest of the national economy by demanding no extra funds in the defence budget this year too despite 11.8 per cent inflation rate.

In spite of the economic challenges faced by the country, the Armed Forces have not allowed any decline in their military capabilities, and they are committed as always to ensuring national defense and security with the resources available.

Like the previous two years, the Armed Forces have not demanded any additional funds in the budget for the current financial year.

For stabilising the economy, the forces have decided to reduce spending in different areas. The forces have limited their spending under the head of utility bills, and, for the special saving of POL, training and management requirements have also been curtailed.

Moreover, to save the country’s foreign exchange reserves, foreign contracts for the purchase of military equipment have been converted into local currency.

It has been decided to hold conferences and carry out other important works online using modern technology to reduce burden on the national exchequer.


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