Argentina’s victory parade did not go as planned as an estimated 4 million people, almost 1/10th of Argentina’s whole population, lined up in the streets of Buenos Aires to welcome back their World Cup-winning heroes.

The parade, shortly after starting, descended into chaos as fans tried to jump onto the team bus carrying the players which raised serious security concerns for everyone’s wellbeing.

Their route to the planned celebration centre, Obelisco monument, was also blocked by the magnitude of people present which forced a change of plans to the 8-hour journey.

The players were then transferred from their parade bus and into helicopters to complete Argentina’s victory parade.

“The world champions are flying over the entire route in helicopters because it became impossible to continue on land due to the explosion of joy,” presidential spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti announced.

Chiqui Tapia, president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) apologised to the fans after many who lined up in the streets could not get a glimpse of their heroes.

“They don’t let us get to greet all the people who were at the Obelisco. The security agents that escorted us won’t allow us to move forward,” he tweeted.

“A thousand apologies on behalf of all the champion players,” he added.

Argentina arrived back home in the early hours of Tuesday at Ezeiza airport and was welcomed back by huge crowds despite the 3 am local time.

The Government also declared a national holiday for the team’s parade as they celebrated their first World Cup triumph in 36 years.

The Argentine capital is still celebrating its team’s win over France in the Final of the Qatar World Cup. In one of the most scintillating finals ever, Argentina defeated France via a penalty shootout with Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi having a duel for the ages.