Aravinda defends SLC decision to send Tom Moody on England tour

Bipin Dani

Former Sri Lanka captain Aravinda de Silva, who now is the chairman of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) board’s Cricket Advisory committee has defended the decision of Tom Moody on England tour.

Tom Moody is the cricket Director and will be travelling with the team on England tour on June 8.

Speaking exclusively over the telephone from Colombo, Aravinda said, “It is wrongly presumed that Moody has been hired only to groom players for the future and search talent in the country.

He is a Director of cricket and his main job is also to ensure the smooth functioning of the national team, he has to share his experience to the team/s, evaluate the performance of the coaching staff etc.”.

Sri Lankan cricketers who have so far not signed the Central Contracts are given a 3-day extension; it is learnt here.

This new development has been confirmed by Aravinda de Silva. He said, “because of the current lockdown situation in the country, we have extended the deadline of June 3”.
“As far as I know, no player has come forward to sign the contract”. “We are clear in our minds.

The players have been given two options. Either you sign the contract or accept the tour-by-tour contract”.

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