APCA slams merging of boards Students face problems due to non-availablity of books

Akhunzada Fazle Haq

Majority of the students of government schools are facing problems due to the non-availability of textbooks in the district, sources said. Sources added that thousands of student’s of primary, middle, high and higher secondary schools are still deprived of textbooks despite the passing of most of the academic year.

Sources added that due to lack of coordination between the education department and text book board the issue was created. Source added that the compulsory subjects of class sixth, seventh and eighth, computer science subject of class 9th, 5 compulsory subjects of class 10th while the text books of class 11th and 12th aren’t available.

Sources added that the students of eleventh and twelfth grade are longing for science books. It may be noted that due to non-availability of textbooks, male and female students are suffering from severe anxiety and even though the annual examination is coming ahead.

Central general secretary of All Pakistan Clerks Association (Apca), Aurangzeb Kashmiri on Tuesday strongly condemned the government for abolishing all the education boards and merging them in Peshawar board. “This decision will create problems for both students and employees”, he added. He expressed these views while talking to the media. Aurangzeb Kashmiri added argued that the government spends billions of rupees on the construction of boards in different areas of the province. He added that now the provincial government has decided to abolish all the education boards and merge all the boards in Peshawar board.

He added that the provincial government is doing injustice to the employees by abolishing the education boards in the province. He added that this decision of the provincial government will create a lot of problems for students and employees. He argued that they will not allow the boards of the entire province to merge with the Peshawar board and very soon they will start protest rallies across the province and will also stage sit-in in front of the provincial assembly.

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