Police arrest three for digging Cholistan archeological sites


Local police in a raid arrested three accused allegedly involved in excavation of archeological sites in Cholistan for theft of antique items on Wednesday. Police conducted raid during illegal excavation at ancient archeological sites of Azeemwali and Siddhuwala, which were said to be vanished by drowning, officials said.

Police has arrested three accused involved in illegal digging of the archeological sites and registered case against them, according to officials. The FIR has been registered at Derawar police station with archeological department official as complainant.

Complainant archeological department SDO said that the illegal excavation was underway at the sites for last several days. “Cholistan have around 400 ancient sites with archeological importance,” the official said.

Cholistan, was once the center of a sophisticated and flourishing civilization now lays in ruins in the desert – unknown and unexplored.—INP

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