Anti-Corruption Commission to resume activity



On International Anti-Corruption Day, the Islamic Emirate spokesperson said that the Anti-Corruption Commission will restart its work soon.

According to the spokesman, because of financial issues, the commission’s operations had been suspended.

“If there was a need for an anti-corruption department, we have it already. Because of economic challenges it has been suspended. As far as the fight against corruption is concerned, there is currently no corruption in the offices,” said Zabiullah Mujahid, spokesman of the Islamic Emirate.

The deputy spokesman added that the current governmental organizations are free from corruption now.

“The anti-corruption department is necessary. For government offices in some countries, corruption levels are low because they have an anti-corruption department,” said Maiwnd Rohani, a governance expert.

Meanwhile, some citizens of the country called on the current government to fight against corruption in the country.

The citizen added that corruption in government institutions has decreased compared to the past, but this problem has not been completely removed.

“In the current government, the level of corruption is very low but it’s not zero,” said Ahmad Zia, a Kabul resident.

“In some departments there is no corruption, and it will solve the problems of the people a little bit,” said Bakht Munir, a Kabul resident.

The Islamic Emirate said that they were committed to removing corruption from the government departments from the first day of their takeover. And now they completely have removed corruption from the government departments, they say.

Political analysts consider the existence of independent institutions important.

“Whenever political and economic problems have been resolved in a country is when corruption decreases,” said Toryalai Zazai, political analyst.—Tolonews