Another mosque bulldozed


THE Indian Muslims continue to face persecution at the hands of fanatic elements. Even their religious places are not safe whilst restrictions of all sorts are being employed to stop them from practicing their religion in sheer violation of human rights and international laws.

In the latest despicable incident, a historical mosque located in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh was demolished under the pretext of widening the road.

The question arises whether the Indian authorities will also demolish any Hindu temple if required for the road infrastructure purpose.

The fact of the matter is that under Modi’s regime, the Indian Muslims are no longer safe rather all records of persecution and atrocities are being broken.

The latest act has refreshed the bitter memories of Babri mosque demolition about three decades back.

Modi-like extremist elements were behind that shameless act and it is regrettable that the Indian judiciary has also become hostage at the hands of these extremist elements.

Instead of delivery of justice, it is extending support to them ahead with their evil plans.  This is evidenced by the demolition of nearly 500 mosques and shrines in the Indian State of Gujarat with impunity, according to a report of the People’s Union for Human Rights.

Further evidence of the anti-Muslim drive is the disappearance of 650 mosques of various sizes in Amritsar, as per numbers obtained from Surinder Khochar, an Indian researcher who researches religious places in India and Pakistan.

This anti-Muslim narrative has also led to thousands of Muslims in the Indian State of Uttarakhand facing the threat of eviction from their homes.

Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, has repeatedly claimed in public rallies that Muslims in India have committed “land jihad” by occupying spaces meant for Hindus and that the BJP will enact laws to put an end to this land jihad.

The Indian authorities are playing with the fire. The Muslims can tolerate anything but not desecration of their holy personalities and places.

On demolition of their mosques, the Muslims will not sit silent. It is also for the Muslim countries to condemn such incidents while rising above their political and economic expediency.

The world community as a whole should come forward for the protection of fundamental rights of Indian Muslims before it is too late.