Announcement of holding Karachi Games 2023 lauded



Karachiites fully appreciated the announcement of the Karachi Games 2023 by Administrator Karachi Dr. Syed Saif-ur-Rahman from March 3 by calling this decision a timely, positive and historic step towards the promotion of various sports at the grassroots level.

They expressed hope that the mega sports event organized for the first time on a large scale will prove to be a new milestone in the history of sports in Karachi.

According to experts, the participation of male and female sportsmen and athletes in large numbers in the Karachi Games is proof of fact that the KMC is serious about promoting positive, constructive and healthy activities in the city and rehabilitating and rehabilitating sports fields. KMC is making efforts for raising the standard of cricket, hockey, football and other sports at the city level and establishing an atmosphere of brotherhood and solidarity among the citizens through these sports that would bring positive and happy results in future.

Prominent personalities related to sports in Karachi and various sports district associations have also described the interest of Administrator Karachi Dr. Syed Saif-ur-Rahman in organizing sports activities at the local level and his patronage as auspicious and said that impressive arrangements have been made for Karachi Games 2023 and experts from each sport, elite players, coaches and technicians have been taken on board, which will enable the implementation of the prescribed international rules of the sport and prepare the players for the highest level of competition.

They further said that Karachi is the nursery of sports, due to the inter-district competition in the Karachi Games, the respective associations of each district will field their best available players, as a result of which the fans will be entertained by spectacular and thrilling competitions. These games will lead to enthusiasm among the youth.

The preparations for the Karachi Games 2023 have entered into the final stages. Administrator Karachi Dr. Syed Sai-fur-Rahman has inaugurated the Karachi Games Secretariat at KMC Sports Complex, where technical staff, a ground committee including officials and members of various sports associations will be present, while a media corner has also been provided for journalists from print and electronic media. Various sports associations and other concerned persons will be in touch with this secretariat.

This wonderful and unique sports festival in Karachi will continue for about 10 days and more than 5000 men and women athletes will participate in a record 42 different indoor and outdoor games in the Karachi Games.

These games are being organized at the urban level on an inter-district basis. The sports included in the Karachi Games 2023 are Cricket, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Shooting Ball, Volleyball, Softball, Netball, Dodgeball, Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Vishu, Badminton, Table Tennis, Snooker, Boxing, Squash, Chess, Rowing, Carrom, Body Building, Swimming, Roller Skating, Sepak Takra, Futsal, Tug of War, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Shooting, Scrabble, Tennis, Cycle Race, Donkey Cart Race, Arm Wrestling, Mass Wrestling, Weight Lifting, Marathon Race, Apart from field and track, the traditional cultural sports of Sindh include Malakhra Kabaddi and Khokhu also included in these games.

The athletes will utilize the facilities provided at KMC Sports Complex, Kashmir Road and Women Sports Complex Gulshan Iqbal for most of the sports while for other outdoor events cricket matches will be held at Nazimabad Gymkhana, Eastern Star. Ground, TMC Ground, Gulbarg Gymkhana, Shadab Ground, Orangi, Landhi Gymkhana, KP Ground and hockey competition will be held at KHA Hockey Stadium and Islahuddin Hockey Stadium, Football tournament will be held at KMC Football Stadium, Trans Lyari. Football ground, Skiston Star Football Ground, Ibrahim Hydari Football Ground, while basketball competition at Aram Bagh Court and table tennis competition at Sindh Sports Board Complex Nazimabad, boxing competition at People’s Sports Complex, snooker, boating, cycle race, donkey cart race is scheduled at different locations.