ANF seized 1465.142 kg drugs in 31 operations

Staff Reporter

Anti Narcotics Force Pakistan seized 1465.142 Kg narcotics valuing US $ 77.763 Million internationally, arrested 31 culprits including 1 x Woman, 1 x Afghan & 1 x Nigerian National and impounded 12 vehicles while conducting 31 counter-narcotics strikes throughout the country.

The seized drugs comprised 3.29 Kg Heroin, 1046.81 Kg Hashish, 408 Kg Opium, 0.484 Kg Methamphetamine (Ice), 0.547 Kg Cocaine, 20 x Intoxicant Tablets, 514 x Ecstasy Tablets (0.234 Kg) and 5.777 Kg Weed.

ANF Balochistan, recovered 670.609 Kg drugs in 9 operations while arrested 7 accused including 1 Afghan National, 1 x woman and seized 4 x vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 370.37 Kg Hashish, 300 Kg Opium, 20 x Intoxicant Tablets and 514 x Ecstasy Tablets (0.234 Kg).

ANF Punjab, recovered 785.154 Kg drugs in 13 operations while arrested 10 accused and seized 7 vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 1.84 Kg Heroin, 674.84 Kg Hashish, 108 Kg Opium and 0.474 Kg Methamphetamine (Ice).

ANF KP, recovered 2.61 Kg drugs in 3 operations while arrested 2 accused and seized 1 vehicle. The seized drugs comprised 1 Kg Heroin, 1.6 Kg Hashish and 10 gram Methamphetamine (Ice).

ANF Sindh, recovered 0.450 Kg drugs in 1 operation. The seized drugs were concealed in suspected courier parcel which was booked for Maldives. During search of the said parcel 0.450 Kg Heroin was recovered which was concealed in 9 x Thread Cones.

ANF North, recovered 6.324 Kg drugs in 5 operations while arrested 1 accused Nigerian National. The seized drugs comprised 0.547 Kg Cocaine and 5.777 Kg weed.

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