Amu river erodes kilometers of Afghan land in some sections: IEA



Amu River has eroded stretches of up to 25 kilometers of Afghanistan’s land in some sections, the minister of agriculture said on Sunday.

“10 kilometers, 15 kilometers and even 25 kilometers of Afghanistan’s land in some sections have gone to the other side,” said Ataullah Omari, the minister of agriculture, irrigation and livestock.

Omari said this in a press conference after visiting the Amu River to assess the destruction caused by the river.

The delegation said that more than two billion afghanis have been allocated to prevent further erosion by building fortifications in vulnerable sections.

“Detailed assessment will be carried out later, but we have already allocated over 2 billion afghanis in order to prevent destruction in vulnerable sections,” said Mujib-ur-Rahman, deputy minister of energy and water.

Officials said they are working to help those affected by erosion along the river, and to determine the zero line.

Amu River forms 1,200 kilometers of Afghanistan’s border with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.—Ariana news