AMPAK chief greets Biden, Harris


Staff Reporter

Chairman America-Pakistan Business Development Forum (AMPAK BDF) Zeeshan Altaf Lohya and other office-bearers have congratulated President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamila Harris on their historic electoral win.
In a statement, Zeeshan Altaf Lohya said that relations between Pakistan and the United States have always been cordial and dignified. He said there were vast opportunities for cooperation between the two countries in business, health, education, information technology, construction and other sectors.
The AMPAK chairman said that relationship between Islamabad and Washington has witnessed a positive trajectory in recent years, with both the countries actively contributing towards peace in the region.
Mr Lohya expressed the hope that Joe Biden and Kamila Harris would play a key role in further strengthening Pak-US relations, assuring that the United States-Pakistan Business Development Forum would continue.