Amount paid to applicants on orders of Ombudsman Punjab


Punjab Government Servants Benevolent Fund Board, Punjab Workers Welfare Board and Punjab Social Protection Authority have released Rs 2,280,700 as educational scholarships under the benevolent fund and Zewar-e-Taleem Program to students in 57 cases of 18 districts after the plaintiffs approached the Office of the Ombudsman Punjab for the release of their long-awaited amounts to continue studies.

A spokesman for the Office of the Ombudsman Punjab stated this in a statement issued here on Friday.

Giving detail of the resolution of public complaints, the spokesman said the mediation of the Office of the Ombudsman Punjab resulted in the approval of 18 pending marriage grant cases in 13 districts and the release of two million and two thousand rupees to applicants by the Punjab Government Servants Benevolent Fund Board.

Meanwhile, on the intervention of the ombudsman’s office, the Punjab Workers Welfare Board paid Rs 2,655,000 while disposing of nine death grant cases in eight districts. In another development, concerned departments also released a total of Rs1,001,026 to legal heirs who complained to the ombudsman’s office about non-payment of group insurance and farewell grant, the spokesman concluded.

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