Altaf Butt pays tributes to martyrs of battle of Badar, Kashmir


The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Butt has paid rich tributes to the martyrs of Battle of Badar and Kashmir on the 17th Ramadan – The Day of Ghazwa-e-Badar.

Altaf Ahmed Butt in a statement issued in Islamabad highlighting the importance of the Holy Month of Ramadan said it is more than a month of prayers with history showing the first generation of Muslims achieved great victories during this blessed month.

According to the Islamic calendar, this day 17th Ramadan, marks the day when the Battle of Badar took place two years after the Prophet (peace be upon him) migrated to Madinah.

The Battle of Badar is the first battle in the history of Islam after the migration of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and this battle laid the foundation of the Islamic State and made out of the Muslims a force to be reckoned with by the dwellers of the Arabic Peninsula.

Altaf Butt further said that the Indian fascist government and its brutal forces have been killing Muslim youth in the holy month of Ramadan and amidst the coronavirus outbreak, which is the worst kind of human rights violations in the recent history of world.

“Under so-called cordon and search operation Indian brutal forces enjoying unbridled powers under draconian laws are targeting Kashmiri youth, torturing them, killing them, and demolishing their houses worth millions of dollars,” he said

The JKSM Chairman while urging the Kashmiris to stay strong and firm said that God will help the Kashmiris as He helped Muslims in every battle including Battle of Badar.

The freedom of Kashmir is destined because of the countless sacrifices they have made, he added.

While denouncing curb on press in IIOJK, Altaf Butt said India claims to be so called largest democracy but it could not even give freedom to the press.

He deplored that journalists are being tortured and threatened for live coverage of CASOs and anti-India protests in IIOJK.—KMS