Ali Raza remembers services of Ambassador Arif Kamal for Kashmir cause


Chairman, Kashmir Council EU, Ali Raza Syed has expressed his condolences on the death of Pakistan’s former Ambassador Arif Kamal and eulogized his services for the Kashmir cause.

In his condolence statement, Ali Raza Syed valued the diplomatic services of former ambassador late Arif Kamal and paid tribute to him especially for raising his voice in favor of Kashmiris. In particular, Arif Kamal took a clear stance against the abrogatin of the special status of Jammu Kashmir by the Modi government in 2019 calling it a violation of international norms and laws.

It has been said in the statement that Arif Kamal was a brilliant diplomat, practical intellectual and a genius human being. His absence will be felt in the intellectual circles of Pakistan for a long time.—KMS