Aleem hails PM’s decision to increase wheat price

Staff Reporter

Senior & Punjab Food Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has said that we are grateful to Prime Minister Imran Khan for increasing the price of wheat, as a result of which the Government has fixed the price of wheat at Rs.1800 per mond.

He added that after the new price Punjab Government will buy wheat from farmers at Rs 1,800 per mond.

In his exclusive talk on Sunday, Senior& Food Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said that despite the increase in the price of wheat on the instructions of the Prime Minister, flour will not be expensive and the provincial Government will ensure that the supply of atta to the consumers at current rates continues throughout the year.

He said that the Punjab Government has been providing continuous subsidy for low cost flour and so far Rs. 80 billion has been spent in the head of subsidy.

Abdul Aleem Khan claimed that a huge amount has been spent due to which a bag of flour has been sold at a fixed price of Rs. 860 all over Punjab.

He said that even today ample quantity of flour is available at the same price in all the districts of Punjab.

Food Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan said that the decision of the Prime Minister to increase the price of wheat is historic, which has fetched 70% of the rural population and there will be benefits for farmers who will not only get the best compensation for their hard work but they will also get more prosperity.

Senior Minister Punjab further said that the Punjab Government will ensure the supply of low price flour even during the month of Ramadan and the required wheat has already been set aside.

Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan pointed out that the Sindh Government should also come up with a wheat subsidy plan for the common man and ensure low price atta for the common citizens.

He clarified that the supply of wheat to the flour mills in Punjab at Government rates would continue throughout the year so that they would continue to supply cheap flour in the market without any hindrance.