Al Noor Orchard hosts block-D balloting



Staff Reporter

In an event hosted by Al-Jalil Developers Chairman Nasrullah Warriach along with CEO Al Noor Orchard Khalid Dhudi Managing Director Faraz Hassan Warriach and Commercial Director Sardar Aslam Warriach presided over the balloting ceremony for Al Noor Orchard Muhammad Gulraiz Dhudi, Muhammad Shahwaiz Dhudi authorized dealers electronic and print media personnel and other renowned personalities.

The event was hosted live on the housing scheme facebook page to ensure that clients join the ceremony in real time. Clients are at the heart of everything that Al Noor Orchard does. To keep the process streamlined and fair, balloting done through a computer software.
Moreover, Group chairman Ch Nasrullah Warriach and CEO Al-Noor Orchard M Khalid Dhudhi addressed the audience and emphasized the need for efforts. They said that the management has been striving to ensure that they deliver through for their clientele. They talked about elevating the lifestyle of their fellow Pakistanis by creating state-of-the-art facilities and delivering on time.

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