AJK PM pays rich tributes


Mubashar Naqvi


The Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Raja Farooq Haider Khan paid rich tributes to the people living alongside Line of Control (LoC) who are facing Indian unprovoked firing for the past seventy two years. Addressing a Kashmir Solidarity Conference and LoC affectees at Haveli, Forward Kahutta on Tuesday, he said our brave people stood like an iron wall against Indian aggression and violence near LoC. ‘I salute to the Kashmiris living alongside with the LoC and the high moral of people in occupied Jammu and Kashmir despite the continuation of curfew since last 43 days by the Indian authorities.’ the PM added. ‘Kashmiris will soon be one and free,’ announces AJK premier. Farooq Haider added that Indian troops targeting civilian population of Havli, Forward Kahutta from three different sides.

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