Air league boycotts PIA employees referendum 2022


Process held in violation of NIRC Act 2012: Shamim

Amraiz Khan

Air League of PIA Employees has completely boycotted the referendum in the organization saying that it is a clear violation of Section 19 of the NIRC Act 2012.

President of air league ShamimAkmal that his association is going to boycott the referendum being held under the aegis of CHRO AamirAltaf, GMIR ShoaibDahri and NIRC.

He was of the view that decision of boycott was taken in the interest of PIA and the workers, we cannot become facilitators of the administration, and we present this sort of role of brokerage to People’s Unity, Mr. Shamim added.

He said that in return for this brokerage, CHRO Aamir Altaf wants to make this so-called union CBA again.

According to the code of conduct, you cannot hold a rally, hold a meeting, distribute pamphlets, convince anyone for voting, be excused from duty, or ATPAR.

The question is whether the referendum is taking place in PIA or in the graveyard? Dead people will vote in this referendum or living and active people will vote, he questioned. Story does not end here, NIRC which is going to conduct referendum in PIA is fully politicized.

PDM Minister Sajid Turi, who belongs to Pakistan Peoples Party, is using every tactic to put pressure on the Chairman NIRC, Deputy Registrar and members NIRC.

An example of which is that despite the absence of four unions, the referendum was announced.

Apart from that the old voter lists which have been handed over to us include names of Pay Group V, voters who have gone on long leave and also the names of employees who had taken VSS.

To announce the referendum, the NIRC neither called a joint meeting of the unions nor did give any referendum plan.

GM (IR) PIA was also following the foot print of NIRC and he also did not bother to call a meeting despite repeated reminders by the Air League. Cabin crew polling was scheduled to start on August 15, 2022.

In this regard, GM(IR) called the meeting on August 12, August 13 and 14 were holidays and unions were not given any opportunity to campaign. All the unions were instructed not to set up any camp in or near the head office, but People’s Unity was exempted from this directive, which set up a camp outside the head office, where daily wages, retired employees, officers and outsiders gathered to show strength. Gathering of outsiders in PIA employees camp was in clear violation of CHRO Aamir Altaf’s letter.

According to the letter issued two months ago, the presence of unrelated employees in the camp will be considered offence and all those employees inviting outsiders will have to lose their jobs.

In the voters list such names were also included who were from officer category, some them were sent to security department as punishment.

We raised our voice in NIRC against all these abuses, and NIRC management appointed Ms. Shakeela Akram Bhatti (Deputy Registrar) as the authorized officer who continued to run the referendum process for one year.


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