Ailing children deserve attention of society: Buzdar

Staff Reporter

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar in his message on the World Down Syndrome Awareness Day has said that children suffering from Down Syndrome deserve special attention from society.

There is a dire need to run an awareness campaign about this syndrome.

In order to make the children, who are suffering from Down Syndrome, a useful member of society consistent efforts are required.

He said that they are our children and it is our joint responsibility to secure the future of these children.

It is very important to have an integrated system of their look after and effective treatment.

They can be made useful citizens of society by providing them with proper education and training.

The purpose to celebrate this day is to create awareness among the people about the economic and social rights of such children.

In the meanwhile Usman Buzdar said that the pandemic of coronavirus is getting worse day by day. Citizens will have to show seriousness and everyone will have to perform responsibly.

Make masks an essential part of your life and use it to protect yourself from corona when you are going out.

Avoid visiting markets and bazaars unnecessarily. He said that following SOPs is in the best interest of citizens.

There is dire need to take extra preventive measures keeping in view the recent wave of Covid-19.

He said that the death toll is also increasing. All necessary steps will be taken to protect the lives of the people, he asserted.

Buzdar has said that his happiness is linked with the happiness of the people of the province.

In his message on “World Happiness Day”, the Chief Minister said that he wants to see Punjab especially Pakistan at the top of the list of happy countries.

Real happiness lies in serving others and he found himself happier whenever he got the chance to serve the people. Seeing people smiling and happy is a real joy.

Usman Buzdar said that the world is passing through the disaster of Corona, but we are optimistic. He said that smiling in difficult times is bravery.

He said that happiness should not be restrained to a single day, every moment should be full of joy. One can find real happiness in the inner self.

The secret of happiness lies in serving others selflessly, he concluded.

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