AIG Minhas urges police officers to be vigilant during lockdown


Steps should be taken to make possible the implementation of SOPs for the prevention of Coronavirus with the cooperation of the administration and the citizens.

Additional IG Karachi Imran Yaqub Minhas issued these instructions to Zonal DIGs, District SSPs and all Divisional SPs, Sub-Divisional DSPs and SHOs at Garden Headquarters on Saturday.

The officers and young citizens stationed at the checkpoints set up by the police with reference to Corona SOPs were told to treat people with courtesy.

Instructions were also given to take immediate departmental action on any reports or complaints of irresponsible behaviour of officers and men posted at police check-posts.

“Action should be taken against bus owners and drivers for violating Corona SOPs in public transport and passengers should not be unnecessarily harassed.”

AigMinhas said action should be taken against the shopkeepers who do not comply with Corona SOPs along with the district administration and the buyers should not be harassed in this regard.

Orders have also been issued to take immediate action against the police officers and youths for violating the instructions issued with regard to Corona SOPs or giving any kind of concession.

Journalists were also instructed to treat the lockdown with dignity and respect during their professional performance.

The Karachi Police Chief directed the officer that all the police personnel posted in the police stations should be given a full briefing of these instructions so that there would be no ambiguity in the implementation of the orders given by the provincial government and the people would not be harassed unnecessarily.


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