AIDL official warns, EU Disinfolab’s research has put UN, EU at stake


Observer Report


An official member of “The International Alliance for the Defence of Rights and Freedoms (AIDL) Andy Vermaut was consulted by the United Nations’s ECOSOC and president of PostVersa, a human rights and fundamental rights chapter. Vermaut said, “I am as everyone today really astonished to hear about the research of the EU Disinfolab which was able to demonstrate how the Indian Srivastava group, could ressurrect 10 UN recognized NGOs, to spread disinformation and fake news regarding Pakistan.”
He said I appeal for a total screening of all human rights organizations that are consulted by the United Nations on human rights and that spread fake news, purely to put a state or a people in a bad daylight. Furthermore, it can be shown how members of the European Parliament, through the fake news channel Indian Chronicles, were abused and used mostly without there knowledge to present this false information as real information.
The resurrection of the Commission to Study the Organization of Peace (CSOP) even uses a professor Louis B. Sohn, who died in 2006, who participated in activities on human rights in Washington DC even a year after his death. That organization was re-established in order to put Pakistan in a bad light. Just like the International Club for Peace Research (ICPR), which was used to put Pakistan in a bad light at the United Nations Human Rights Council.
“There is also the World Environment and Resources Council (WERC) which was re-established to oppose the construction of a dam in Pakistan.These NGOs were mostly represented by students at the UNHRC. These students were paid 186 euro in cash to put Pakistan in a bad light.
He said I believe that the international community has a responsibility to act, before the United Nations Human Rights Council is – unfortunately and with severe consequences for the authentic human rights agenda – considered to be nothing more than a big joke, we can not and never accept this.
The Canners Permanent International Committee-an organization specialized in promoting canned foods which ceased to exist in 2007 – is paying students in cash to criticize Pakistan with fake news at the United Nations, even in 2020. This operation in which Pakistan is being damaged through 9 NGOs consulted by the United Nations on human rights should be immediately removed as recognized organizations of the United Nations, they are already 15 years doing this with total impunity. All fake organizations with a hidden propaganda and fake agenda must lose their recognition from the United Nations. He stressed this has put the credibility of the United Nations and the European Union itself at stake.