AGP’s report reveals shortcomings in drainage system at Islamabad airport

Staff Reporter

The Auditor General of Pakistan’s report on Monday revealed the shortcomings of the siphon drainage system at Islamabad Airport.

According to details, the Auditor General of Pakistan has issued a report on the defects of the drainage system at Islamabad Airport, which revealed negligence in the siphon drainage system for the roof of the passenger terminal building.

The audit report said that on the night of 13 and 14 August 2020, the drainage system failed due to the rain, which flooded the Concours Hall, the Domestic Arrival Lounge, the CIP Lounge, and the International Departure Area.

According to the report, sailing from different parts of the airport also fell down, no suitable drainage system was selected for the roof of Islamabad Airport, nor was the design of the siphon drainage system was designed according to the rainfall.

The audit report said that due to the negligence of the Civil Aviation Authority officials, the drainage system of Rs.72 million became inoperable.

The report said that the audit authorities raised the issue in August, September 2020 but the project management did not respond. The audit authorities have suggested action against those responsible.

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