After recent Toshakhana expose, federal govt introduces new policy


Islamabad: After the recent Toshakhana reports made headlines and exposed all politicians alike, it has emerged that The federal government has now banned government officials, including the president, prime minister and cabinet members, from receiving Toshakhana gifts valued at over $300.

The new policy has also restricted judges and civil and military officers from receiving gifts worth more than $300.

The government, while issuing relevant instructions regarding the Toshakhana Policy 2023, has announced to implement immediately.

According to reports, the new policy has been implemented after the recent Toshkhana reports exposed politicians taking benefits of gifts worth millions by paying their minimum amount.

Toshakhana gifts and presents from foreign notables and dignitaries — given to senior state and government officials and deposited in a ‘treasure house’ — are usually considered the state’s possession. However, as per government policy, these gifts are only available to the political and bureaucratic elite, both civilian and military, and judges of the superior judiciary.

LHC seeks records of Toshakhana gifts before 2002

These most influential segments of society are traditionally allowed to retain the gifts received during official foreign tours or from dignitaries of foreign countries on highly-subsidised rates or they are auctioned to officers of the federal government and armed forces. Whatever is left becomes part of the Toshakhana.