Afghanistan possess all requisites for its recognition by world: Sardar


he Taliban’s Representative in Islamabad Mr. Sardar Ahmed Khan Shakeeb has stated that Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan possess all the requisites for its recognition by the International Community for a fresh start in the region and internationally. He added that Afghan territory will never be allowed to be used by any other country against Pakistan or any other country in the region at any cost. About fencing between Pakistan and Afghanistan, he said that it was a minor issue and is under discussions between the two governments and shall be resolved amicably with deliberations with locals of both sides of the borders.

According to a press release, he addressed a Webinar organized by Karachi Council on Foreign Relations (KCFR), which was chaired by Mr. Ikram Sehgal and moderated by Dr. Huma Baqai. Representative thanked KCFR for inviting him to address their members through the Webinar and said that Afghanistan has a rich culture and is full of natural resources.

It was located at an internationally important strategic position because of which Afghanistan has been target of international evasion starting from Alexander the Great, the British and in the recent past by the Soviet Union and then latest by America and the NATO forces, which has overwhelmed our country and our people were drastically affected and with a lot of sacrifices God has blessed them with victory.

In the past, Pakistan has welcomed and provided shelter to millions of Afghan refugees in their country and has ever been supportive and especially after withdrawal of American troops for which we are very grateful to Pakistan which truly is commendable especially so to the Prime Minister of Pakistan for granting 5 Billion Rupees to Afghanistan on humanitarian grounds he also thanked charitable institutions in Pakistan for their help towards people of Afghanistan.

About TTP he said that it was not in the interest of Afghanistan that the TTP should operate from Afghanistan and they will not allow to any country/organization to use Afghan territory against any third country.

About relations with India he said that they would like to have only positive economic relations with all countries in the region including India without any negativity in it. He said that through OIC Summit the humanitarian aid has been promised to Afghanistan and he thanked all countries and specifically Pakistan who had come forward to help them.

While as a nation Afghanistan was trying to help themselves and develop their own economy. About women rights to education and jobs as promised in Doha, he replied that they are committed to permit them to education and working in accordance with Islamic Laws that there was a lot of negative propaganda against them in this respect.

About different sects in Islam and that did he consider that they should be only one Khilafat of Islam. He replied that they believed all countries had their right to promote their thinking process for betterment of their countries and as far as other country were concerned instead of one Khilafat other people can form their own Governments whatever way they wanted to.

He said that trade through Pakistan has greatly increased since Taliban Government has come into power satisfactorily About formation of the inclusive governments he said multi thousands of previous government employees are working and if their leadership which was just a few perhaps thirty to forty persons who could join us whenever they wanted to. About relations with China and other Central Asian States he said they were good and further improving. About Durand Line he said that it will be resolved by the Government after negotiating with the local people living close to this border.

Chairman Ikram Sehgal while summing up said that it was point of contention that before Taliban border fencing continued over the years and it is only now issue has been raised then he indicated how India had resisted peace in Afghanistan was against the deliberation in Doha. Furthermore, Khad has been working for RAW and that needs to be looked into. He also indicated the atrocities taking place against Muslims in India and specifically in Kashmir which needed to be taking cognizance of. The Taliban representative said that we have condemned atrocities against Muslims in the past and taking place now anywhere and specifically in Kashmir and India too.

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