Afghan Women deprived of ‘most basic rights’: Olaf Scholz



Speaking at the UN 77th General Assembly annual meeting, German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz called on the United Nation to take action against the Islamic Emirate which he said is depriving women and girls of their basic rights.

“We must pay heed and take action when the Taliban deprive women and girls in Afghanistan of the most basic rights,” said Olaf Scholz, the leader of Germany.

US President Joe Biden also mentioned the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan.

“Human rights are the basis for all that we seek to achieve. And yet today, in 2022, fundamental freedoms are at risk in every part of our world, from the violations of — in Xinjiang detailed in recent reports by the Office of U.N. — U.S. — reports detailing by the U.S. [U.N.] High Commissioner, to the horrible abuses against pro-democracy activists and ethnic minorities by the military regime in Burma, to the increased repression of women and girls by the Taliban in Afghanistan,” Biden said.

In the past year, restrictions on work and education for women have sparked internal and external reactions.

“How long will they continue these restrictions that will create problems for Afghanistan’s internal and external politics?” asked Fazil Rahman Uriya, political analyst.

“It will be better that the current government reopens schools for girls without losing any opportunity and wasting time,” said Fazilulhade Wazin, a lecturer.—Tolonews

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