Afghan students with Chinese scholarships struggle to find flights



Students who won educational scholarships to China said they are struggling with transportation services to go to China to attend their classes.

The students called on the government to provide them flights through Ariana Afghan Airlines. Fardin Ayar won a scholarship for a PH.D in China.

“We are stranded in a very difficult situation. We cannot travel to China by air. The domestic airlines are also not helping us. For example, Ariana Afghan Airlines can take us to (China) via a charter flight,” he said.

The students expressed concern that they would miss their classes if they did not arrive in China on time.

“If the government doesn’t provide us these facilities, it is possible that not only me but all of the students will be affected,” said Fazal Rab Arya, an instructor at Albironi University, who won a scholarship for a PH.D.

“We, fortunately, received our visas recently, but there is no flight from Afghanistan,” said Mohammad Yusuf Sultani, a student.

The students called on the Islamic Emirate to facilitate their travel to China.

“The Islamic Emirate should support those who who applied for masters degrees and PH.Ds overseas,” said Mohammad Khuram Faqiri, an instructor.—Tolonews

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