Afghan Officials meet German, Dutch Diplomats Baradar once again stresses the need to release Afghanistan’s bank assets


The deputies of prime minister Abdul Salam Hanafi and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar yesterday before noon met with representatives of the Netherlands and Germany and delegates accompanying them at the ARG (presidential palace),” said Inamullah Samangani, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate in a series of tweets.

According to Samangani, the Afghan officials discussed bilateral relations with the German and Dutch envoys.

Baradar once again stressed the need to release Afghanistan’s bank assets. “The frozen assets belong to the people of Afghanistan and we want the international community to pay attention to the economic challenges in Afghanistan,” he said.

Markus Potzel, the German envoy, reiterated his country’s continued humanitarian support to Afghanistan. Potzel pledged that Germany would provide 600 million euros of aid to Afghanistan.

The Afghan officials called for the extension of relations between Afghanistan and Germany and the Netherlands.

The representative from the Netherlands was not named by the Islamic Emirate in their release.

“We will not allow anyone to use Afghanistan’s soil against the region and the world. We will make efforts to prevent the cultivation and smuggling of opium and we are trying to provide alternative economic schemes in cooperation with the international community for the farmers,” Samangani wrote on Twitter.

The second deputy of the prime minister called on the envoys to urge their countries to invest in Afghanistan.—Agencies

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