Administrator for need of modern education along with training



Administrator Karachi Dr. Syed Saifur Rehman has said that there was a need for modern education along with training in Pakistan. He expressed these thoughts while addressing the opening ceremony of “Tarbiat” institute in Orangi Town, here, said a statement on Monday.

Dr. Syed Saif said that when a person starts a journey of knowledge, many difficulties are encountered. If rare people join this journey, the task becomes easier. It happens, many things are neglected to achieve the goal, hard work, high morale is required to do any work,  Vice Chancellor of Karachi University Dr. Khalid Iraqi, International Scholar Dr. Sher Shah, CEO Tabba Hospital Dr. Aqeel, HOD Qatar Hospital Dr. Riaz ul Hasan, CEO Tarbiat Institute Dr. Shamoon and Dr. Khalid were also present on this occasion.

The Administrator Karachi said that the establishment of this institute was a great idea and a lot of effort had to be put into its implementation. This organization will be taken as model in the professional world. He said that in fact, Dr. Shamoon himself seeing the idea presented by him in practice now, and today’s event is not less than any international event, the arrival of the vice chancellor of Karachi University is a very good act in this institute besides the arrival of Dr. Sher Shah which is a good omen.

He said that, “I myself will work like a soldier for this institution; I congratulate Dr. Shamoon and his family for their contribution as they have collected teachers like diamonds and gems for this institution.”

He said that education and training is the soul of man, many things are neglected to achieve the greater goal so that institutions continue to improve, people die but institutions remain. Vice Chancellor of the University of Karachi, Dr. Khalid Iraqi said that we need to get information to become better human beings, society should be built on basic knowledge, we have 35 thousand graduates in information technology in Pakistan annually whereas in India about 6,00,000 graduates study information technology.

He said that we should try to use our talents for our youth, Quran teaches equality to man, we should give proper place to the weak, sick and forced people of our society, there is a need to train and develop positive thinking, parents and teachers should play an active role in developing children’s skills rather than a number game. Parents should encourage children, today’s pen has changed into iPad, we can stand with the world by using technology properly.

Dr. Sher Shah, Dr. Aqeel and others also addressed on this occasion and highlighted the importance of quality education and training in educational institutes.