Administrator for concerted efforts to make Karachi better


Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani has said, “If we all try to make Karachi better, then the city will be better.
He was addressing the English Speaking Union of Pakistan function on Friday. 20 million people throw garbage every day, but the number of pickers is close to 8,000 only, Shallwani said, adding the Turkish government has offered full cooperation to run the tram in Karachi.
“Tram service will be 9 kilometres long. The service will start from Metropole Hotel thru PIDC Chowk, Shaheen Complex via II Chandragar Road and culminate at Tower,” the Administrator elaborated. He was jubilant that Karachi will repeat its history with the launch of tram service. Shallwani said Nagasaki and Hiroshima were destroyed in World War II, but they are now the most modern cities in the world. “We can also rebuild our city.”
He informed the audience that the marathon race will be held again in Karachi next year.
Regretfully speaking, he said that in the past, the city has been affected by crime, drugs and poor law and order situation. But was adamant that Karachi is the city of lights and the gateway of Pakistan.
The administrator assured the august listeners that historic buildings and important places of Karachi will be restored.

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