Action against food adulteration


KHYBER Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety and Halal Food Authority seized over fifteen thousand kilogram of substandard and fake tea from a local factory in Peshawar.

According to details, fake tea processing unit was mixing non-food grade colours and other unhealthy items in tea grains.

Tea is one of the most liked drinks in our country yet unfortunately it is also contaminated and adulterated by unscrupulous element to pocket more profit.

In fact this contamination is not confined to tea but all sorts of other items including milk, spices, beverages etc that we consume on daily basis.

Many dangerous chemicals and substances are used in food adulteration that may cause serious diseases to general public especially to elders and children.

For instance, exhausted tealeaves and sawdust are artificially coloured and mixed in tea grains, which is injurious to health and may cause cancer.

Similarly, sand, gypsum and stones are mixed in food grains and pulses that can damage digestive system and kidneys. Those involved in such dirty business are criminals and deserve no mercy.

Though food authorities have been established in the provinces and their officials are seen every now and then confiscating adulterated food items, yet there is no end to production of such adulterated items.

These authorities were established to ensure provision of safe and quality food to the people and they must fulfil their responsibilities in a dedicated manner.

While rising above cosmetic steps, food authorities should work in a proactive manner to tighten noose around those involved in these despicable acts.

Laws should be enacted at provincial level to award harsh punishments to such elements.

Also those selling adulterated items at their shops should equally be dealt with strict punishment.