ACP strives for development, promotion of fine arts: Saadat



Arts Council of Pakistan (ACP)Karachi Stage Show Committee held a function to pay homage to senior director and actor Manzoor Qureshi at Auditorium I in which Iqbal Latif performed the duties of Moderator while every heart Dear Personality and Senior Director and Actor Manzoor Qureshi, Chairman Stage Show Committee Saadat Ali Jafari, M. Zaheer Khan, Amjad Shah, Kazim Pasha, Amin Memon, Shahid Iqbal Pasha including Raju Jamil, Actor Ayaz Khan, Arshad Mahmood, Umbreen Haseeb Amber, Sikandar Rind, Adil Wadia, Mukhtar Leghari, Iqbal Memon, Misbah Khalid, Saeed Shiraz, Mahosh, Raheel Manzoor and Afshan Qureshi spoke.

At the beginning of the ceremony, a documentary on Manzoor Qureshi was shown in which actors Qawi, Ayub Khawar and Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din expressed their views about Manzoor Qureshi.

On this occasion Manzoor Qureshi said that I am lucky to have a good teacher, we should look at our culture instead of East or West, he said that we should think that the drama or story we are writing is for the family. We can also watch with it. If there is even the slightest disturbance, what will we say to our sister and daughter? In this day and age, we cannot fool the viewers of drama. If we make 4 plays, he sees 40.

Immoral advertisements adorn the channels which are creating havoc in the society. We can increase the ratings but not respect them. He said that he worked in Radio Pakistan Hyderabad from 1962 to 1970. After that he was transferred to Karachi from where Sindhi program started.

What is good about radio is that it teaches you the purity and sanctity of tone. He said that we still have to improve a lot of things. If every human being does his job honestly, it can be improved, M. Zaheer. Khan said that the era of merit is over nowadays, the way Manzoor Qureshi worked for regional channels are not a secret.

Yes, they are the capital of our country, because of people like Fazal Kamal, Agha Nasir, Zubair, Aslam Azhar, we are in this place today, they have made our personality shine, said Kazim Pasha There was no connection but Manzoor Qureshi brought out the actor inside me, these are the personalities I will never forget, he said that Manzoor Qureshi was the most beautiful man of his time, Amjad Shah said that the passion to do something in the old people.

What Manzoor Qureshi did was he kissed his feet in success, you showed great essence in management, director and acting, he never showed his pride, he taught us to hold hands and even gave us his programs.

He emphasized that the work that Pakistan Television should have done was done by Arts Council Karachi today for which I am grateful to Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmad Shah.

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