ACP pay tribute to senior artist Anwar Iqbal



Arts Council of Pakistan(ACP) Karachi organized a function to pay homage to Anwar Iqbal, a senior television and film artist, on his first death anniversary, at Gul Rang Hall. Iqbal Latif, Abdul Wahid Comrade, Maqbool Ahmed Barfat, Nazar Hussain, Rashid Chaudhry, Sharafat Ali Shah, Anwar Iqbal’s Daughter Zabaat Baloch, Tehreem Baloch, Rehana Ehsan, Pervez Siddiqui, Ali Hassan, Younis Memon, Waheed Noor, Ramzan Baloch, Sheikh Liaquat Ali and Fida Hussain Malano spoke on the occasion.  Naeem Nisar performed the duties of the moderator. Qari Waqar started the ceremony by reciting the Qur’an.

On this occasion, Iqbal Latif, Chairman of the Liaison Committee said that we should not think like this. We are Sindh, Balochi or Seraiki, Punjabi or Pathan but we are Pakistani. This land and its soil are our mothers. Anwar Iqbal was a very brave man.   Abdul Wahid Comrade said that Anwar Iqbal was a great man. He said that if he never came to see a play, he would go home to inquire about his well-being, which made people’s faces glow with happiness.  Director and actor Nazar Hussain said that Anwar Iqbal is still with us today.

He was a sympathetic person. I and Anwar were childhood friends and both of them were very fond of acting. Waheed Noor said that Anwar Iqbal was a great artist and our ideal personality.   Rehana Ehsan said that she was deeply saddened by the death of Anwar Iqbal Baloch. Even today, when I remember him, I am refreshed. Rashid Chaudhry said that the role of Joker in Anwar Bhai’s “Ring” was no less than any Hollywood movie. After his departure, I feel very lonely.  Ali Hassan said that we never forgot his love. Yes, we are very saddened by his departure that such a good man has separated from us. Pervez Siddiqui said that Anwar Iqbal was a perfect man in himself. There was an academy, Sharafat Ali Shah said that Anwar Iqbal made Pakistan famous all over the world from Lyari, I never saw him in a serious mood, he was a very good man, he said that the President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah The Arts Council has been made a full-fledged cultural institution for which I congratulate him.

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