Acid attack victim accuses her ex-husband of ambush

City Reporter

The acid attack victim in the Saeedabad Town said on Sunday her former husband awaited outside her residence when she left for work and then chased her when she suspected an ambush and tried running.

The suspect has been arrested earlier and the victim woman demands justice by most stringent punish-ment for his crimes.

I stepped outside of my house and found my ex-husband sitting idly on the corner of the street, not knowing of his imminent plans, Rimsha said.

When I suspected he’s planning an attack after see-ing an acid bottle in his hands, I tried to run away and then he chased me, grabbed me and spilled acid on me, the victim said the 19-year-old.

Man throws acid on former wife in Karachi Yesterday it was reported here that a man in Kara-chi’s Saeedabad town threw acid on his former wife.

As per details, the 19-year-old woman named Rimsha was rushed to Civil Hospital Karachi’s Burns Ward after her former husband thrown acid over her, leaving 40 per cent burn injuries to her.

Getting the information about the incident, the police investigation team reached the burns ward of the hospital to inquire after the incident.

The mother of the acid-victim girl said her exson-in-law and her daughter both used to make videos for TikTok and Rimsha was divorced on WhatsApp.

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