Documentary filmmaker shares own harassment story at Quaid’s mausoleum



Staff Reporter

As multiple harassment stories continue to surface, following the harrowing Minar-e-Pakistan incident, one was shared by documentary filmmaker and multimedia journalist, Sabin Agha.

Sabin Agha narrated how she experienced a situation similar to that of the Minar-e-Pakistan incident, “a few years ago”, at Mazar-e-Quaid in Karachi.

The journalist reminded that she was not a TikToker or a YouTuber. “I am not a TikToker or YouTuber.

I am a journalist. I went to Mazar Quaid in Karachi for reporting on 14 August a few years ago. I was reporting, doing my job, not hurling kisses as this victim blaming nation is accusing that TikToker girl,” wrote Agha.

Agha further informed that “some 100 odd frustrated boys and men attacked” her and her cameraman. .

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