Abolishing assemblies not wise decision, says Nasir Shah



Sindh Local Government Minister Syed Nasir Shah said that assemblies did not break; Imran Khan was made fool by his two ministers, Parvez Elahi himself became the facilitator for the motion of no confidence against him.

In a statement, Nasir Shah said that Secretary Punjab Assembly received notice of no confidence without consent of Chief Minister and Speaker, Explain the obstacle related to Chief Minister KP’s dissolution of his assembly.He said that the PPP has always struggled to complete the term of the assemblies.

President Zardari nominated Makhdom Shahab as the Prime Minister to save the Assembly after the ouster of Prime Minister Gilani by court. When Makhdoom Shahab was nominated as Prime Minister, an FIR was lodged against him. After that to save the dissolution of the assembly, President Zardari immediately nominated Raja Pervez Ashraf as prime minster.

This is the difference between President Zardari and Imran, who does not understand the opponents.He said that Asif Zardari is trying to strengthen the Parliament while Imran Khan is bent on weakening it. While condemning the blast in Islamabad the minster said that we strongly condemn the explosion in Islamabad and condolences to the family members of the martyred officer. The injured officials should be provided with the best medical facilities, he added. Nasir Shah said that the aim of the terrorists is to destabilize Pakistan, but the anti-national elements will never succeed in their nefarious aims. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is fighting the case of Pakistan in front of the international community in the best way. Terrorism has increased since exposing the hideous face of India. Terrorists and their facilitators should not be treated with any kind of exception.