Performing better despite numerous problems: Shehla



Provincial Minister for Women Development Sindh Syeda Shehla Raza has said that the problems are many and the resources are limited, but despite this, but still doing better, the cooperation of NGOs is providing substantial results in solving the problems faced by women.

He expressed these views while addressing the two-day annual conference of the Multi-Sectoral Coordination Committee (MSCC) held at a local hotel in Karachi, in collaboration with the Sindh Women’s Development Department, UNFPA, Pathfinder International and Legal Aid Society.

On this occasion, Chief Secretary Sindh Dr. Sohail Ahmad Rajput, Renuka Swamy of UNFPA, Varsha Qazi of Pathfinder International, Special Secretary of Home Department Adnan Arshad, Country Director of Pathfinder International Dr. Ayesha and others were present. The Minister said that we have to mobilize the communities to solve the problems related to women and girls. We have to improve the law and justice system to keep the society balanced.

He added that today, due to awareness and training programs, reporting incidents of gender-based violence is a source of satisfaction.He said that today due to extensive awareness and training programs, reporting of incidents of gender-based violence is a source of satisfaction, while earlier due to lack of awareness and information related to domestic and social pressure or laws. It didn’t happen in past due to lack of awareness.

On this occasion, technical working groups and panelists appreciated women-friendly legislation in Sindh and identified barriers and ways forward to prevent and respond to gender-based violence, adopting a case management approach to respond to relevant cases, Discussed on activating and mobilizing personnel in the departments and strengthening cooperation and stability between the relevant departments at the provincial and local level and in the light of the discussion, recommendations were presented to Chief Secretary Sindh Dr. Sohail Ahmed Rajput.

The Sindh Chief Secretary encouraged all the recommendations and reiterated his commitment against gender-based violence and announced follow-up meetings with the heads of the sub-committee next week. Renuka Swamy, Dr. Ayesha Rashid and others also expressed their views from the conference.