Abbottabad worst hit by Covid-19


Our Correspondent


Health department here on Saturday has conducted 105458 Coronavirus tests in all across Hazara Division where the death toll of Coronavirus patients has reached 239, the number of COVID-19 positive cases were 8382 and 7867 have been recovered.
Keeping in view of the deteriorating situation of Coronavirus situation in district Abbottabad District Police Officer (DPO) Yasir Afridi also formed three teams of police with the cooperation of Tehsil Municipal Officer (TMO), those would monitor the implementation of Coronavirus SOPs in district Abbottabad including Havelian, Abbottabad and Qalandar Abad.
According to the health department statistics, in the district Abbottabad total number of death tolls has reached 137, district Battagram 18, Haripr 43 and Mansehra 41. In district Abbottabad 32762 COVID-19 tests were conducted, Battagram 7738, Haripur 22455, Kohistan Upper 5181, Mansehra 27121, Torghar 3352, Kohistan Lower 4961, Kolai Palist 1883.
91621 people from all cross Hazara division were tested negative where from district Abbottabad 28737, Battagram 6976, Haripur 19644, Kohistan Upper 4024, Mansehra 24007, Torghar 2464, Kohistan Lower 4550 and Kolai Palist 1419. District Abbottabad, Mansehra and Haripur are the top three with the highest ratio of Coronavirus positive cases in the Hazara division, particularly district Abbottabad is worst hit by the pandemic. District administrations and health department are trying their best to aware people and enforce Coronavirus SOPs all over the Hazara division but people have yet to understand the threat of the outbreak.

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