A Thousand Days, Good Governance and the People?

Chaudhry Munawar Anjum

Even if we take a cursory look at the thousand days of the PTI government, the net result shows that the concept of not a bad but a very bad government emerges. This is a common thing, so the words chosen above have been carefully chosen.

Otherwise, even the harshest words could have been used, and if the people’s breath is freezing in their chests due to bad governance, then the titles are not decorated in flower garlands.

In practice, the situation is such that no government agency seems to be fulfilling its responsibilities at all.

Any applicant who dares goes to a government department for resolution of his problem merely waste his time and energy and have to return empty handed.

The Wapda, Wasa, Sui Gas, Telephone, Railways, PIA, Police and Courts are living examples of places where the public only meets with insult and humiliation whenever they comes in contact with the personnel of these departments.

In this regard, if any official of Lesco or any other department illegally take off the meter of someone due to inaccuracy in bill, on account of faulty meter or water and sewerage issue in connection with any work in the police station or court…. see with your own eyes “performance” of the government which 45-five ministers and advisers including Khan Sahib never tire of calling an idol.

On the other hand, according to the reports published in various national and international newspapers, TV channels and social media, the PTI government has failed in all respects and has not been able to do any work properly. Inflation and smuggling are not under control.

The agricultural country which produces sugarcane and wheat today is forced to import sugar and wheat. This is a telling proof of the failed policies of the present government.

The government advisors just have to make tall statements. And they come on TV 24 hours a day for this work and keep on singing the tune of government’s anti-corruption efforts and strategies, which the ears of people are ripe to hear. The present government has completed more than half of its term.

Imran Khan has made a U-turn on all the tall claims he made before coming to power and all the promises he made to the people.

In recent days, Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed pride in his government’s two-and-a-half-year performance, which economists say is a measure of people’s livelihoods if the cars running on the roads are improved.

It should be remembered that in this era, no one has been in a position to buy a car in cash. The speedy sale of cars is due to the lease of banks.

On the other hand, if the development of the housing sector is being talked about, then do a survey on it and see if there is no purchasing power among the people, then who will buy such expensive and valuable houses? People are not interested even in the housing scheme started by the government itself, which is being offered on instalments.

There are two reasons for this….. one is that people do not trust this government and people are afraid of when and where their hard earned money will be sunk. Secondly, these schemes can be used only by those who already have some status.

Poor working class hardly earns Rs25-30 thousand per month cannot afford paying instalments.

He could not even think of building a house in the “Affordable and Poor Government Housing Scheme” because all the investments behind this scheme are by the banks, which will not be able to anchor for long.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) claimed in a statement on the occasion of its 25th founding anniversary that its government had saved the country from bankruptcy. Imran Khan said that when he got the government, the country was bankrupt.

There was a huge burden of internal and external debts and record deficits, foreign exchange reserves were depleted and there was no money to repay the instalments of the debts.

What is the overall growth rate of the country today? Even if the government figures alone are accepted, the growth rate is three per cent while the population growth rate in the country is close to two point two five percent.

Reacting to Khan’s statement, an economist said that the PTI government’s claims to repay the loan are based on lies.

In fact a record loan has been taken in the history of Pakistan during the last three-year rule.

The PTI government has broken the record of loans taken in the seventy-year history of the country by borrowing Rs 12,863 billion, which is 40% of the total loans, due to the depreciation of the rupee against the dollar.

The Prime Minister saying everywhere that previous governments had borrowed a lot of money, but now he has changed his statement and started telling the people about the debt repayment, which is a bundle of lies.

The government took a loan of one billion dollars from Saudi Arabia which they paid back after borrowing from China.

The rulers are just befooling people by saying that we have repaid one billion dollars loan to Saudi Arabia.