Sozo Water Park installs ‘Bullet Drop Water Slide’

Staff Reporter

Pakistan’s first “Fastest Bullet Drop Slide” has been inaugurated at Sozo Water Park Lahore.

Dawar Lashari, GM of Sozo Water Park, informed that this is an imported international standard slide and installed in Pakistan for the first time ever. Big Drop slide is the first of its kind and has a cost of Rs150 million.

The way Bullet Drop thrills its riders is that you stand in a chamber at the top of a 50 Feet tower and then suddenly the platform that you are standing on disappears and you drop into an enclosed slide at a steep drop of 90 degrees and during the slide a huge quantity of water is discharge @1500 litres per minute to intensify the delight of experience.

To increase the excitement there is a SUPERLOOP of 40 feet’s diameter to enhance the fun part. The total length of the Bullet Drop Water Slide is 170 feet.

The ending part is more interesting that you land up in a water of only 4 inches depth, so a non-swimmer can easily take this water slide.

The slide has a colorful lighting strip effect inside and you feel that you are going through a tunnel full of colorful lights. It is a high thrill ride installed for youngsters who like to try something new.

Sozo Water Park is a safe outdoor space for everyone to beat the heat during summers. This is what center of disease control (CDC) USA has to say about water parks