8 killed, 1,030 injured in accidents in Punjab


At least eight people were killed while 1,030 sustained injuries in 947 road accidents in Punjab during the last 24 hours.

As many as 610 seriously injured people were shifted to different hospitals, while 412 with minor injuries were treated at the incident site by the rescue medical teams, said a spokesman for Rescue 1122 here on Monday.

The analysis showed that 518 drivers, 28 underage drivers, 96 pedestrians and 416 passengers were among the victims of the road crashes.

The statistics showed that 238 accidents were reported in Lahore, which affected 278 persons placing the provincial capital at top of the list, followed by 67 in Gujranwala with 71 victims and at third Multan with 62 accidents and 72 victims.

As many as 824 motorcycles, 74 rickshaws, 107 cars, 25 vans, five buses, 28 trucks and 98 other vehicles and slow-moving carts were involved in the road accidents.

Meanwhile, When contacted the Punjab Environmental Protection Department official said the environmental watchdog was also carrying out inspections of tailpipe emissions but due to limited staff and resource constraints was not able to continue the practice.

However, being a stakeholder in environmental conservation of the city the Department was aware of the risk and working out a detailed strategy to contain the risk.

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