7th edition of FACE Music Mela scheduled on Dec 2 and 3

FACE Music Mela

Islamabad: The Foundation for Arts Culture and Education (FACE) announces the 7th edition of FACE Music Mela scheduled on December 2 and 3 at the PNCA in Islamabad.

FACE is an organization whose mission is to strengthen and empower communities through the universal language of arts and cultural interactions. Since its inception in 2014, it has been the pioneer of festivals in the country and has grown multifold during the last few years. In 2019, the festival attracted more than 25,000 people, and in 2022 it is expected to cross 30,000 people.

FACE Music Mela is a prime example of how Pakistani musicians are taking the initiative to establish the foundations of a thriving music industry on their own.

The festival will include several musical acts representing diverse musical genres from different regions of Pakistan and across the globe. Four diplomatic missions — the United States, Austria, Switzerland and Poland — are participating by sending their jazz artists.

This will be the first-ever international jazz festival in Pakistan, besides having the main stage for Pakistani artists.

On day 1, this year festival-goers will witness mesmerizing jazz performances by VIP from Pakistan, Sunny Jain from the USA, and Marcel Balinski Trio from Poland, followed by Shams Raheel from Afghanistan and Asfandyar Khattak from KP, Sain Tanveer dhol player from Punjab, Leva Dance from Balochistan, Saakin, Bayan, Sunny Jain’s wild wild east, Abdul Hannan, followed by Peter Makto from Hungary.

The second day will bring more sensation and charisma of Jazz by The Late-Night cats from Switzerland, Red Studio (formerly Sachal studio) from Pakistan, and Dusha Connection from Austria. The main stage acts will be started off by Amar Bai from Sindh, Rebel Club, Nimra Rafique, Karakorum, Sunny Jain’s wild wild east from the USA collaborating with Bakhshi brothers and Sain Tanveer, Umair Jaswal, and the finale by Faris

FACE said that Pakistan is known to the world through its musical gems. The Pakistani music industry has contributed not only to the local music scene but across the globe. Some flavors of it you will witness at Face Music Mela 2022.