Nayyara laid to rest as mourners praise her immortal work


Funeral prayers of Pakistan’s nightingale, Nayyara Noor, were offered at DHA’s Imambargah Yasrab, following which she was laid to rest in the Phase VIII graveyard. She had passed away at 71 the previous night after a long battle with cancer.

Showbiz personalities, politicians, journalists and music aficionados attended her funeral in large numbers. Her husband Shehryar Zaidi, a veteran TV actor, told the media that Noor’s death is a loss for the entire nation, but “my loss is more”.

He said he had shared 49 years with Noor, adding that it was Allah’s blessing that He ended her misery because she had been suffering from last-stage cancer for the past one and a half years.Actor, producer and director Rubina Ashraf said that for her Noor’s death was sudden and unexpected. She said the music industry is not ready to survive without her. “She was a beautiful person, and very close to the heart of all of us.”

Actor, singer, comedian and playwright Bushra Ansari said Noor was a beautiful person, and losing her is quite saddening. She pointed out that Noor had a uniquely sweet voice. “Her simplicity was unmatchable,” Bushra said, adding that Noor’s personality and behaviour was simple.

Actor, singer and producer Khaled Anam said Noor’s songs are part of the memories of half of the country’s population, adding that from TV to films, her songs will never end. “Her work is immortal.”Singer and songwriter Natasha Baig said that Noor’s death is very unfortunate for the entire nation because she was an asset to the entire nation.


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