5-day Gastroenterology conference kicks off


The 5-Day International Gastroenterology Conference-2023 kicked off at the Lahore General Hospital and, a training Endoscopy Workshop was organized here for the awareness and training of young doctors. As many as 80 Endoscopy procedures were done free of cost in these 2 days of hands & training workshop. Similarly, more than 200 local and foreign doctors participated in this Conference where medical experts directly performed operations of liver, stomach and intestinal diseases in the light of modern research.

It is mentionable that this International Gastroenterology Conference will be providing the awareness platform for the doctors under training which will help the participants to understand the complications and methods of these operations.

Prof. Dr. Ghiyas un Nabi Tayyab and the Chief Organizer of the International Conference Prof. Dr. Israr-Ul-Haq Toorin their special address, called the holding of this International Conference as a good omen for Pakistan.